Chinese New Year may be a great time for family bonding, but it's also when relatives you hardly see hound you about everything from your love life to your hair colour! It's annoying, awkward, and enough to make us dread the occasion altogether. This Lunar New Year, how could we help Singaporeans survive the interrogations, and make it through their gatherings in one piece?


Introducing Why So Kaypoh, a pocket-sized family gathering survival guide that helps you fend off annoying questions from your nosy uncles and aunties. The app matches typically Singaporean questions (categorised according to Love, Lifestyle, Work/Money, School) to a list of smart comebacks you can surprise your relatives with. Take it to a gathering, pick the perfect comeback and watch your relatives squirm for a change!

Pick the perfect comeback &
Survive your famiily reunion

kay-po [kei-po] – singlish
adjective or verb
Refers to a person that is nosey parker or busybody: eh, don't be so kaypoh leh
origin: Chinese (written as 雞婆 in Chinese)

Made for mobile

Designed to be used on-the-go, Why So Kaypoh features CSS3 Animations and Javascript touch events for a smoother, more responsive mobile experience.